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Safety Committee - December 21st 2010

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Announcements -

Contact SSCO to volunteer or more info.

Follow up -

Next Safety Committee meeting: Thursday, 1/27, at 6 p.m. at 1925 Nicollet Ave.

Community Prosecutor Report - Community Attorney Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon distributed copies of the 5th Precinct CLEAN sheet. Ten of the 30 offenders are incarcerated, two have just been sentenced, and six have warrants.


  • Maxim Chance - Released from the workhouse on 12/18.
  • Anthony Ford - Goes to court in January for six pending cases.
  • Ronald King - In the workhouse until 3/10/11, goes to court in January for two open cases.
  • Randy McNellis - Gets out of workhouse on 1/7/11.
  • Kenneth Nickaboine - Active warrant for failing to report to the workhouse.
  • Aaron Schliecher - New court-ordered geographic restrictions imposed.
  • Walter Weyaus - Released from the workhouse on 12/3, no subsequent arrests in the area.


Follow up -


Minneapolis Police Report - CPS Chelsea Adams

Chelsea Adams distributed a map and list of Part 1 crimes in the neighborhood during November. There were:


  • 2 robberies of person: 11/1, 8:20 p.m., at 1900 1st Ave, in which two male suspects robbed a victim at gunpoint; 11/6, 6:20 p.m., at Franklin and 2nd, in which four suspects, one of who was arrested, robbed an assaulted a victim.
  • 1 sexual assault: 11/21, 1 a.m., on the 1800 block of 3rd Ave, in which a male suspect sexually assaulted a victim at gunpoint. Information about this incident was provided at the 11/23/10 Safety Committee meeting.
  • 1 aggravated assault: 11/28, 11:25 p.m., at 1800 3rd Ave, in which a suspect, who was  later arrested and charged, stabbed a victim with a screwdriver.
  • 5 burglaries: 11/6 at 232 West Franklin Ave; 11/9 at 1904 1st Ave; 11/20 at 1904 1st Ave; 11/23 at 1806 3rd Ave; 11/28 at 1706 2nd Ave.
  • 2 motor vehicle thefts: 11/1 at 1912 Clinton Ave; 11/20 at 217 West Franklin Ave.
  • 2 thefts from motor vehicle: 11/21 at 441 Ridgewood Ave; 11/29 at 17th and 1st.


Citywide, violent crime has dropped 5.2% this year and is at its lowest level in 25 years. Violent crime in the 5th Precinct has decreased 12.5% compared to last year.

There are a number of staff changes under way at the 5th Precinct. Inspector Eddie Frizell, who is also a colonel in the Minnesota Army National Guard, is preparing for a year-long deployment to Afghanistan in January. While Frizell is gone, Lt Matt Clark, a sector lieutenant in the 1st Precinct, will take over as interim inspector. The position of sector lieutenants (in charge of the entire area in a precinct) had been eliminated; from now on, the precincts will on have shift lieutenants (in charge of the entire precinct during specific work shifts). Previously, the same lieutenants had to cover both positions. Adams distributed an updated 5th Precinct resource list which reflects the changes. The Stevens Square and Whittier day beat has been expanded to four officers (two per squad) who will work ten hour shifts (9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.). The intent is to provide beat coverage for extended hours seven days a week (instead of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday). The night beat has been eliminated. Officers Brianna Garman and Jodene Malloy started the new day beat schedule this week; Officers Aimee Colegrove and Nic Hwang begin on 1/16. Sgt Steve Bantle will supervise all the beat officers in the precinct. Longtime Stevens Square day beat officer Deb Hubert has decided to move up to the Lyndale and Lake beat. The committee thanked Officer Hubert for her years of hard work and dedicated service to the neighborhood.

SSCO's Google maps and lists of arrests in the area from Lyndale Ave to 4th Ave, I-94 and 24th St, from 11/19/10 to 12/16/10 showed 5 alcohol related arrests (6 in 2009), 5 narcotics-related arrests (3 in 2009), and no prostitution-related arrests (0 in 2009). Year to date, there have been 308 alcohol-related arrests (387 in 2009), 125 narcotics-related arrests (134 in 2009), and 24 prostitution-related arrests (33 in 2009). For the same period, SSCO's Google maps showed 34 police reports for the Nicollet Corridor (LaSalle Ave/Blaisdell Ave to 1st Ave, I-94 to 24th St), 6 for the Stevens Square Park area (Stevens Ave to 2nd Ave, 17th St to Franklin Ave), and 15 for the Clinton sector (3rd Ave to 4th Ave, I-94 to Franklin Ave).

Follow up - 

Contact SSCO to receive printed or emailed copies of the Google maps, which are updated weekly. The e-mailed versions include links to mugshots of chronic offenders.

Hennepin County Probation report - Probation Officers Bobbi Harrington and Jean Schwalen

Jean Schwalen reported that chronic offender Judy Peters was sentenced to 60 days in prison and will be on parole when she is released. All of the rest of her and Bobbi Harrington's clients are in compliance. 

Follow up -, 612-879-8075, 612-879-8212

Priority Concerns/Hot Spots/Chronic Offenders - 


  • 19th and 3rd - There are still reports of periodic loitering outside the market at this corner. Police arrested four people for drug-related offenses here on 11/30 and continue to keep the area under surveillance. The property manager for 1905 3rd Ave has made some security improvements (additional lighting, No Trespassing signs) to the building at the request of SSCO and police.
  • 110 East 18th St - Following up on the discussion from last month, there was a complaint that the fences were not properly secured to the wall of this vacant building, that the sidewalks had not been shoveled, and the lights are often seen inside the building after dark.
  • Stevens Square Park - In response to complaints about safety issues at the park, there may be an opportunity to meet with Park and Rec staff to discuss possible security improvements such as better lighting and a fence around the playground.


At the 11/23 committee meeting, there was a suggestion to research the safety strategies used by other community organizations in order to find out what was working elsewhere, with the initiatives occurring along West Broadway as an example. The West Broadway Coalition was formed in 2007 to bring businesses, non-profits, residents, and law enforcement together to improve the commercial corridor and transform the north side into a thriving economic community. A number of committees are working on projects including:


  • Matching grants for commercial building facade improvements.
  • A "cleaner, safer, greener: initiative modeled on the downtown Safe Zone with the goal of changing the perception of safety in the area. This includes a partnership with Hennepin County Community Probation, the City Attorney's office which helped establish a West Broadway court watch, and the 4th Police Precinct with beat officers and a camera system. Other projects include a Safety and Security committee, trash and litter clean-ups and community get-togethers.
  • Matching grants to provide bike racks for businesses.
  • Graffiti abatement by Sentence to Service crews.


SSCO's monthly chronic offender update included cases involving:


  • Kenneth Bellanger - 11/12/10 giving police a false name at AM Food Market, 1814 Nicollet Ave.
  • William Jones - 1/9/10 aggressive panhandling at Franklin Nicollet Liquor, 2012 Nicollet Ave; 2/9/10 aggressive panhandling and trespassing at Franklin and Nicollet.
  • Nathaniel Roby - 11/22/10 aggressive panhandling at the Village Center Mall, 1816 Nicollet Ave.
  • Nolan Wallace - 9/22/10 consuming alcohol in public at 12 West 22nd St.
  • Patrick Addy - 6/3/10 open bottle at AM Food Market, 1814 Nicollet Ave; 7/8/10 consuming alcohol in public at 2110 Nicollet Ave, 8/7/10 possession of liquor in Stevens Square Park, 1801 Stevens Ave.
  • Leonard Winborn Jr. - 11/30/10 loitering with intent to buy or sell narcotics, obstructing the legal process, and fleeing police on foot at the Third Avenue Market, 1905 3rd Ave.
  • Ronald King - 10/8/10 shoplifting at Family Dollar Store, 1816 Nicollet Ave; 10/8/10 shoplifting at AM Food Market, 1814 Nicollet Ave; 10/29/10 criminal contempt of court for violating geographic restrictions at 18th and Nicollet.


Follow up - 

Contact SSCO to receive a printed or emailed copy of the monthly chronic offender update, which features the outcome of court cases resulting from arrests in the area along with the names of the sentencing judges and mugshots of offenders.

Ward 6 Report - City Council Member Robert Lilligren

Robert Lilligren thanked the committee for its great work and contributions to the reduction of crime in the community. In regard to the committee's priorities, Officer Anne Moryc has been assigned be Inspector Eddie Frizell to prepare the feasibility study for the proposed police camera system on Nicollet Ave from 18th St to 22nd St. Interim Inspector Matt Clark will support the existing plans to staff the beat officer positions for the neighborhood. Thanks to Chelsea Adams for coordinating the city's response to the problems at the vacant City of Lakes building at 110 East 18th St. Lilligran regularly attends SSCO's monthly Safety and Neighborhood Development committee meeting and holds office hours at 1925 Nicollet Ave from 9:30 a.m. to noon on the third Monday of each month (except holidays). More information can be found at the Ward 6 web site.

The City Council approved the 2011 city budget which includes a 4.7% property tax increase, down from a proposed 7.5% increase and thus reducing revenue by 6.1 million dollars. The city is preparing for additional cuts of up to $23 million in local government aid from the state.

Minneapolis is still in the running to host the 2012 Democratic national convention; the decision on the location should be made soon. The city will receive a $900,000 federal grant to study the feasibility of streetcar lines in Nicollet Ave and Central Ave. Minneapolis led the nation's cities in mail-in response to the recent census. Minnesota will retain its eight seats in the House of Representatives.

Thanks to community members for complying with the snow emergency parking rules and the winter parking restrictions established by the city for safety reasons. With the amount of snow the city has received so far this winter, parking restrictions are the only way to provide access for emergency vehicles. There was a suggestions the the city remove snow from high density neighborhoods such as Stevens Square-Loring Heights where street parking is already at a premium, thus eliminating the need for single side parking restrictions. These restrictions hurt businesses in the neighborhoods, for example, by discouraging renters from living here due to the chronic winter parking problems. Lilligren will check with Public Works to see if there is some way to remove the snow and lift the restrictions here due to the negative impact on residents and businesses. There were complaints about widespread noncompliance by property and business owners with city sidewalk shoveling rules. Much of the neighborhood - including commercial areas and bus stops - in inaccessible to those who are unable to climb snow banks and walk through deep snow. Call 311 or go online to report violators. There was a suggestion to plow snow to the middle of the street - instead of the the curbs - on main snow emergency routes, thus making is easier for pedestrians to get around. Lilligren will check on whether that's possible. Due to the large amount of snow, it's been a significant challenge for city crews to plow the streets from curb to curb.

Follow up -, 612-673-2206

Restorative Justice Community Action Report - 

RJCA's new community organizer for Stevens Square-Loring Heights, Chanti Calabria, will attend an upcoming Safety committee meeting. An RJCA client contributed 3.5 hours of community service this month shoveling snow from bus stops and corners in the neighborhood. Staff read excerpts from four letters of apology submitted by RJCA clients who committed alcohol offenses in the neighborhood. There was a suggestion that enforcement of such offenses here is not consistent. For example, people drinking alcohol in public during Cinema and Civics events in the park are not cited or arrested. Perhaps the law should be enforced equally in all cases or changes to deal with those who are drunk and disorderly in public rather than those who are drinking alcohol and not causing a problem. The latter approach would be a more honest way to deal with the actual problem. Another community member argued that there is no need for people to drink alcohol in public at all, and the regulating public drunkenness is a problem when you take into account the fact that alcoholics don't know when they are not sober.

Ken Strobel, a 13-year volunteer with RJCA, spoke about the benefits of the program for the community and the offenders. The process can really make a difference in changing the way people think and behave in regard to livability crimes which have a negative impact on neighborhoods. Contact RJCA to get involved and participate in a community conference.

Follow up -

Contact RJCA at 612-746-0780,

Block Patrol Report - Arlene Storandt

From 11/24 to 12/21, 8 Block Patrol volunteers participated in 11 shifts, contributing a total of 24 hours. At least five shifts were cancelled. Arlene Storandt shared stories from the Block Patrol log.

The Block Patrol guidelines and application are at

Follow up - 

Contact SSCO to join Block Patrol.

Safety Coordinator report - Dave Delvoye

The coordinator distributed copies of SSCO's five-year strategic plan. The Board has asked all committees to coordinate their plans and activities with the priorities established in the strategic plan. This discussion will take place at the 1/27 Safety committee meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.

12.21.10 Safety minutes.pdf201.05 KB

Related Content:

“We the people of Stevens Square-Loring Heights have the right to, and recognize our collective responsibility to foster, a neighborhood that is safe, clean, respectful and friendly.”

Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO) has in place a comprehensive and proactive safety and crime prevention program that works successfully with law enforcement to reduce and prevent crime by bringing to the table significant volunteer involvement and staff expertise.  SSCO has the longest active Block Patrol in the city, which has been highly effective.  Block Patrol is a way for residents to communicate with the organization regarding concerns, and a way for the organization to connect with residents to promote safety in the neighborhood.

The Stevens Square-Loring Heights NRP Building Safety Improvement Program aims to support property owners and tenants in their efforts to increase the safety of the neighborhood through improvements to their buildings and environs. This program was formerly known as the Lighting and Fencing Program, but has been expanded to include other safety-related improvements, as described in the guidelines. It is funded in full by the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program in conjunction with the priorities of the members of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood, and is implemented with the support of the 5th Precinct SAFE Unit.

I you are interested in applying for a safety grant, please contact SSCO’s Safety Coordinator at (612) 874-2840.

Here are a few useful links to local and state safety-related sites.

Restorative Justice Community Action

Just moved into the neighborhood, or looking for some assistance? Here are a few links that may be helpful:

Community safety resources

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Please join us on Tuesday, May 8th from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Plymouth Church (1900 Nicollet Ave - use the Lasalle Ave entrance).

Learn how to keep yourself and you neighbors safe. Topics will include the recent fire at 137 East 17th St, preventing fires in multi-unit buildings, evacuation plans, fire inspection procedures, and renters insurance. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

City Council Member Robert Lilligren will facilitate the meeting. Presenters will include Minneapolis Fire Department staff and a member of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association. Co-sponsored by Mint Properties, Stevens Community Apartments, The Apartment Shop, Kleinman Realty, Copenhagen Enterprises and Rand Management.

Please call 612-874-2840 with questions.

Don't talk trash . . . pick it up!

SSCO's Spring Clean Sweep is set for:

Saturday, May 19, 10 a.m. to noon.  Meet at Stevens Square Park, East 18th St & 2nd Ave South.

Compete for the prize (an Electric Fetus gift card) for finding the most unusual piece of trash!

Saturday May 26th at the Overlook Gardens on 17th street between 2nd and Stevens: We will be meeting at 10:30 a.m. Come be part of the native habitat garden we have been installing. We need volunteers to help clean and add some more plants.

Brought to you by Stevens Square Community Organization and Minneapolis Park Board.

Contact Robert Skafte for questions: or 612 750 3779

Stevens Square Community Organization's annual meeting is set for:

Saturday, June 9, 2012
Registration begins at 9:30 a.m., the meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.
Plymouth Church, 1900 Nicollet Ave.
(Use the LaSalle Ave entrance.)

On the agenda:

Election of Board officers and directors: chair, secretary, and four at-large directors.
Updates from committee co-chairs on SSCO activities.
Reports from public officials.

Eligible voters include anyone 16 years of age or older who lives, owns property, or is employed (up to two employees per business) in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood. Please bring a form of identification verifying that you are eligible to vote, such as a current Minnesota driver's license or identification card, utility statement, lease agreement, state or county tax statement, a pay stub showing employment in the neighborhood, or an eligible voter to vouch for you.

For more information, call SSCO at (612) 874-2840.