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April 24 Community Safety meeting

Community Safety meeting

Thursday, April 24
6:00 p.m.
Loring Nicollet Center, 1925 Nicollet Ave

Please join us -- everyone is welcome! Arrive late or leave early? Not a problem. As usual, refreshments will be served.


Introductions and announcements

Updates from community law enforcement partners, with time for questions and answers
Crime Prevention Specialist Chelsea Adams
Community Attorney Jennifer Saunders
Neighborhood Probation Officers Anne Forsyth-Gillette and Judy Gartland

Neighborhood-related safety ideas and concerns: open discussion

Community Safety plan: progress report and ideas for next steps - which three projects should we attempt next?

Block Patrol news

Safety coordinator update


Clean Sweep, Saturday, May 3

Don't talk trash . . . pick it up!

SSCO's Spring Clean Sweep
Saturday, May 3
10 a.m. to noon
Meet in Stevens Square Park, East 18th St & 2nd Ave South

We will work in teams to pick up trash and litter around the neighborhood. Supplies (gloves, bags, vests) will be provided.

Compete for the PRIZE (an Electric Fetus gift card) for finding the most unusual piece of trash!

2014 Community Safety plan

How can SSCO's Safety committee and Block Patrol be enhanced to better cope with the needs of the community? Click here to view the 2014 Community Safety plan.




2013 Building Safety Improvement Program

SSCO has amended the guidelines of its Building Safety Improvement program to include funding for surveillance camera systems. Through matching grants, this program supports the efforts of residential property owners and tenants to improve the safety and security of their buildings and surroundings. Please click here to read program guidelines and details.

Our neighborhood at a glance

Welcome to Stevens Square—Loring Heights, a vibrant neighborhood located in the shadow of downtown Minneapolis. A centrally-located park, tree-lined blocks of brick apartment buildings, and a post-card view of downtown make Stevens Square the Brooklyn of the Midwest. This geographically small urban enclave boasts one of the highest densities of any metro neighborhood.

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The area south of what is the Minneapolis Central Business District was platted in 1856. Two property owners, Richard J. Mendenhall and Dr. Nathan B.Hill, owned most of the surrounding land which they developed as a residential neighborhood made up of a few large, single family homes. These large residential lots and "country estates" ensured that the Stevens Square area remained stable during periodic, speculative real-estate booms.